Videos my story on Vimeo

11 short videos/vignettes telling parts of my story, created by by the very talented Paul Vincent with music by ? (name please).

(en anglais seulement à ce moment)

I hope they will be used for learning/education: I fervently wish that NOBODY will ever be misdiagnosed, held captive, starved for no reason, assaulted, mistreated, tortured, abused, traumatised, injured and neglected as badly as I was by so many in the NHS (especially by: Julian Greaves – ‘GP’, Andrew Harvey – head of PALS, Osman – surgeon, Ridings – consultant surgeon and teaching students by example, Wadhwani/Wadwanni – registrar anaesthetist and teaching junior SHO anaesthetist by example, Ben Power – ODP who knew he was doing wrong, and Jim Cooper – consultant anaesthetist who refused to answer my questions, ignored my very serious injuries and passed on secret lies to my GP) and the private counselling company/’cousellor’ Gillian Rock (commissioned by the NHS to ‘help’ me but she harmed me more, terribly) – or by ANY healthcare provider/professional, ever.


Will my wish come true?


What on earth was Jim Cooper thinking when he announced (in the meeting) that I had experienced ’emergence phenomenon’? Or was he too high on noxious substances (or drunk?) to even think? Did everyone else there already know what that is (or is supposed to be)? Did Andrew Harvey know what that was? Why didn’t he say a word throughout when his job title was ‘Patients’ Advocate’? Has he yet repaid the money he received by misrepresentation of his skills and expertise? Did they consider and weigh up the risks : benefits to me (from lying/keeping silent/denying me remedial care) versus to them? Did my life, my health, my sanity and welfare have no value? Nor the lives/welfare of my friends and family+ = society?


Too many questions, way too late for me: I’m more injured and disabled than after their negligences.