Bijoux de mer


Ou/or Sea-jewels = des bijoux de la mer ?
7th May 2017 – fait à La Garonne, Le Pradet.
Acryliques/acrylics sur/on canvas/toile 40 x 40 cms.

Signé derrière/signed on back

Donné/promis = donated/promised.

This painting is very special to me: it is the first acrylic I have ever painted en plein air (outside, sort of trying to paint what I was seeing mixed in with my emotions and how it felt.

I did it especially for Headway so them (charity), brain injury and my life then/now, the old and new me, were foremost in my mind – mixed in with loving beach & sun & view & sea (and fairly quiet) but also severe pain because I couldn’t get comfy to paint.

I have wanted to do a post about this painting and showing its rotations and the different things/emotions which come forward when it’s turned 90 degrees each way but I’ve had too much to do, WAY too much stress (threats of bailiffs and becoming homeless) that I wasn’t able to do it. Maybe now I’ve got a stay of execution (not imminently homeless but STILL/MORE living out of boxes, no access to my things) I might find the time/energy to do it? We’ll see…

Don’t know if can insert link to post here if I do?

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