Stone-head 1

Tête-pierre 1

May/Mai 2017

Stoned head?
Tête de lard/mule?

Stones (& bits of tile) found (left abandoned, dumped, donated, recycled) on beach Le Pradet, Var.

Page from magazine bought at vide grenier – «Képi Blanc» = printed materials apparently widely distributed and in the public domain. Copyright, copyleft, copy theft, copy RIGHTS etc. all way too complicated and silly (apparently) for me to understand.

DH sued K at college for nicking his idea/design and selling it to Gordon Fraser. It’d have been better if she’d got together with DH and said ‘look, I’ll try and sell you great idea, how about it and we’ll share the proceeds?”. Maybe she tried to contact the idea-creator and ask, maybe she didn’t… I wonder what happened to her after college? DH went onto big things (unsurprisingly) and (I think) the world enjoys and benefits from his creativity.

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