What I’m trying to say is… but I haven’t got the words

Je voulais dire… mais je n’ai pas les mots


6-7 Janvier 2017
Acryliques/acrylics on paper/sur toile 60 x 80 cms

lots of scrambled memories and extreme emotions

i talk to people mais apres j’ai aucune idee qu’est-que j’ai dis… et je rentre chez moi et je pleure avec la grosse fatigue

does any of it make sense to you?
am i getting through?
did i manage to get my points across?
does it make any difference?

need a timeline – my history/events

la tapisserie de mon histoire/ma vie

tapestry of my past/life (& baggage)

what I carry with me
follows/comes too
accept me how i am with my history
my hidden history

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