Novembre 2016
Mixed media sur toile / on canvas 73 x 60 cms

I was doing art trying to describe my occasional glimpses of lucidity (see smaller original version Black Hole further down on front page) and in my mind the ‘sharp/real’ glimpses (of what we might or may not call «reality») are the shape of a circle with 2 chunks (bits of circles) cut out and thought there MUST be a name for this and I found it on a site (lost name but I sent them a thankyou email at the time). They said it’s called a cycloid involate = a name for it at last!

consciousness / ABI difficultés / pas reconnu/connu, «invisible» / la ligne entre lucidité et délusions / pas réalité, perception = tous différent et nos abilités/compétances différent / dylexia = moi oui = depuis mon operation 2005, dyscalculia = oui = nul/pas «intelligent», pas pareil qu’avant. Discrimination contre mon handicap partout: informations, syst`mes, bâtiments, transport,logements, trop des bruits, surchargements, odeurs, lumières = pas où j’ai besoin et trop dans mon jardin/logement (de la Poste), trop des bruits = stress pour tous mais on est (je suis) plus sensible. Shades of grey, spectrum of colours/greys, rien noir et blanc (presque).

My black hole (pits, feel suicidal) is a white rectangle (or square) because that is what happens to my brain when it’s overloaded with too many tasks, threats, fears and stress. I occasionally have brief periods of ‘lucidity’ = the colours in centre here.

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