Arbres 2 (avant fini, détail)

Trees 2 (unfinished, detail)


May 2017
Acrylics on canvas (? x ? cms)

Got in a muddle/breakdown/despair = not possible to finish it? How much % of cause/s are: food/water poisoning+, ‘treatments & meds’, weird electrics/magnetism, psychological stuff, physical injuries, cut off from friends/family for years… ?

Trees in Hyères.

Update 17 Juillet/july 2017:
I finished it today, what a massive struggle! Well I THINK it’s finished, see my post today on left. Not called ‘Trees 2’ any more: Arbres vivants / Living woods (or something like that?).

Fini aujourd’hui, une lutte énorme! Hmm, je PENSE c’est fini, voyez mon post ce jour premier page sur la droite.

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