ART – sculpture/3D

Mother – March 2019 

Unfired here: white clay with scratched-into coloured clay slips – sgraffito – but done on bone-dry (not leather-hard) clay. Approximate dimensions: height 12cms, width 14 cms, depth 11 cms.


Wounded-tile: April 2019 

Clay tile decorated with scratched-into coloured clay slips (sgraffito) which got broken so stitches/staples painted on it and stuck together with glaze that covers the whole front surface.


Peeping-pot: May-June 2019

Two colours of clay roughly marbled together, fired then decorated/glazed then re-fired. Approximate sizes: top diameter 10.5, bottom diameter 7.5, height 3.5 cms


Pot-head: May-June 2019

Fired and glazed clay with a hole in the bottom so you could grow a tiny plant in it so it could have hair. Approximate sizes: height 6.5, width 5.5, depth 6 cms.



Mixed media 65 x 50 x 12 cms approx.