2 October 2019: black & white – and a bit of colour

At the moment my first duty for the day (after chores, washing, shopping etc. are done (then often not much energy left) is spending at least an hour trying to finish a large fiddly canvas which is taking absolutely ages, so after a rest I try to do some quicker smaller arty afterwards, but they often end up also being fiddly & detailed and not very quick to complete, here are 2 I’ve done very recently and a third in progress:

Being nosey

Cartridge-pen drawing (black ink) on A3 paper. I think I should leave the nose empty or else it’s too busy & full?


4 portraits

Acrylics and conté crayon, all 4 together on A3 paper.


Detail of ‘Many worlds’

One of my drawings still in progress; Indian ink on A3 paper.