22 June 2019: Courage v2 is finished!

Courage v2 (detail 2c)

Yes, at last. I started doing it as evening work to unwind after doing other art and everything else I have to try to get done every day but it turned into another ‘oh I’ve GOT to do this one’ = not fun any more, too many tiny dots and the pain of doing them (never comfy) became too much – and it’s already too hot inside where I live and summer’s only just starting: the hottest months to come – I’m dreading it – for me the cold is easier to bear than too hot, I get worse terrible neuro stuff to try cope with, especially at night.

Courage v2

The front is finished (where exactly is the edge on a canvas?!) but I might put a slight white texture on the edges and sign one of them. I started it 12th February this year and for only the second time I wrote down the number of hours spent on it: 32 so far. It’s 40 x 40 x 3.5 cms. Phew, another I can (almost) tick off the list and a big rest from tiny dots now (probably). Bad photo of the whole painting, sorry.

More details:

Courage v2 (detail 3b)

Courage v2 (detail 1)

Courage v2 (detail 2b)

Courage v2 (detail 4)

Courage v2 (detail 5)