28 Nov 2017: copying/learning from «Pierre Boncompain» & ALL

My version of one of Pierre Boncompain’s (thank you) very good ceramics:

Yes, I was given this as a task in order to pay someone for their time & help and to give in exchange for a little arty-work I had given her before (as payment) but which my son (why?!) said he really wanted = so I asked her if she’d be willing to allow this and ask me to do something for her, her choice. So she gave me his task. At first I thought ‘yuk/difficult’ to copy someone else’s art but when I saw the works I really liked some and wanted to try. And as I did I LEARNED. At first I just tried to copy but then I started to experiment and add bits of me. That’s how we all learn everything (and find our own style), isn’t it? So actually I think this task was (as so many she/others give me) actually to HELP ME. Trouble is I’m still NO GOOD at pacing myself and try to do as many of the tasks I’m given that I can (and the BEST I can) – and often do too much/MORE than I should, now, as I am now. HOW and WHO and WHY to say NO to? Same problem states have when deciding how to use money: WHO to help and why. Same as us when people beg for money in street = how much to give and to whom? And often those who need it most can’t even get out to ask and even if do = aren’t believed or heard and so get fobbed off over & over again until yes, it IS too late. And now it’s COLD, there are people here in France HOMELESS, on the street, in carparks and doorways = the HORROR. And way too many people are in bad housing, have heating but not enough money to turn it on. We can’t afford to get a plumber, electrician or somebody in to fix things. If we’re lucky enough to have a car we can’t afford to insure it, run it, repair it or park it. We’re told ‘you’re greedy for money’, ‘you exaggerate your difficulties’, ‘you’re lazy = get a job’… But almost ALL of us (ill, disabled, old, young, middle-aged, foreign, uneducated, peculiar… = ALL of us at some time or another) – unless wealthy – will need help of many kinds during different stages of our lives. And those of us who have lesser known and often «invisible disabilities» have a tough time forever being made to argue, beg and justify our difficulties and needs.

Money? Yes, of course we all need enough money but me with my disability it’s too hard to BUY what I need. And thereare lots of people like me and who have far greater needs than me – without real practical help they’re done-for, lost= rather like me at mo. The fill for the loo is on the blink now (on top of broken taps & shower, kitchen unit that fell off the wall onto my head, no heating for 3 winters, no repairs or maintenance done by landlord since I’ve been prisoner here = over 3 and half years) luckily the tap to turn water of is nicely greased = a temporary measure. From one crisis to the next, trying to make do and mend (myself – or rather I BODGE it).

Housing: we all need a safe home that is affordable and for people like me PERMANENT, I’m so very tired of moving so many times and every time costs loads of money, damages my body more, makes me very low ‘depressed’ when I findout the REALITY of the place I’m living. On and on. Until I die? Which will be far sooner than necessary: stress kills. Bad unsafeelectrics kill. Legal threats: ‘pay the rent or we throw you out’ are KILLERS: nightmares, anxiety, bad guts, crying, lethargy coz of extreme exhaustion. Andwe can’t contain it: it spills out onto everyone aroundus: society pays the costs too. “good housing and social security and healthcare for all those who need it/not wealthy costs too much”? Not when you count the REAL costs to so very many and not when you give correct VALUE to thingssuch as safety and no stress and being the best we can be. And we are PROUD of how we muddle on best we can but SICK of beggingand pleadingand having to try (when ill, exhausted and injured) to make the cases, become our own lawyers.


So now, winter, nearly your (some of you) religious festival of «christmas» = stolen and distorted from very ancient times and far older religions = the winter solstice, please think of those who have NO friends/family, who have NO home or heating/basics even if do have somewhere to live, think of the people who get a short stay of execution because here in France I’m told ‘can’t be evicted until winter is over’ but feel the days flying past and the stress rising UNBEARABLE because the PREVENTION wasn’t done in time. Yes, some of us kill ourselves because it’s SO unbearable, I’ve thought about it many times but I’m too chicken, I did cut myself once though to see how it feels. But countless weeks, months, years crying, in panic, unableto function or even go out. You don’t see us then: we hide andsend out SOS to everyonewe can in every way we can but our little voices aren’t heard andwe have no power, each of us is alone. We must act together, join up to have a greater louder voice and although it’s too late for so very many ifwe act NOW we can save so many more on into the future. Imagine a different world: one where even if ‘inactive’ ALL are valued and protected and those who MOST need it get most. Crazy? Not my idea, clever people throughout time have fought for these beliefs and millions (billions?) have been killed (and so very many more TORTURED) for their beliefs such as in healthcare for all, safe home for everyone, enough money to not only pay the bills but have some sort of LIFE, including transport, communications, leisure/hobbies, sports, food, washing/hygiene, cooking, protection from pollutants, noise, odours, temperature and occasionally a bit of FUN = justice. And as someone else apparently said (Jesus), whether he did or not we cannot say and anyway I’m sure he wasn’t the first to say it and certainly not the last (we all KNOW this) = something like this: the basis ofALL this is LOVE. ‘All you need is love’. Yes but of course that love must cause PRACTICAL effects, sadly we can’t pay the bills  or keep a roof over our heads or get surgery with only love = unless we all GIVE FREELY of our time, energy, expertise and experience. Recycling? Pay it forwards? SHARE WHAT WE HAVE AS MUCH ASWE CAN. All easy to say I know, where do we draw the line, who to say NO to and why? Tricky tricky stuff.

Anyway here’s some of the original art – said to be by Pierre Boncompain = have I met him yet amongst all the pop-up chatsI have?! – or done by many under one name ‘in OUR name’? And then my attempts, some awful the later ones feel I’m getting better, gradually putting bit of ME in = potato prints, collage – but drove me crazy (not enough/BAD planning before) = jigsaw puzzles = very tricky for me, what a dumbo to try to do something so hard for me to do, but I FINISHED them, eventually! Sorry Pierre Boncompain, please forgive, I’m trying to learn!

3 artworks by «Pierre Boncompain» (YOU try, it’s quite difficult to copy well, a real skill):



My fave/s his/her Baigneuse/s not here, mine unfinished (mine with GLITTER SPARKLES and FISH – as are 40+ other arty-works, shame and got carried away with potato printing, side-tracked).

And mine in the order I did them = I think I was/am improving…


It’s COLD here, 11C  inside – and it’ll get colder, last year only 5C in loo & bathroom. PLEASE SOS RESCUE ME & OTHERS, I’m lucky and so spoilt compared to so many who have NO home or only one room or no car – and for people who do hobbies that need space/money and for artists like me = PLEASE can we have just enough (money, home & security, space, help…) to be the very best we CAN be and take the pressure off our friends/families (if we have any)? And someone we can call 24/7 who KNOWS us/we KNOW & TRUST in an emergency. If not why not? Justify!

Imagine if my art (and others’) had high value and people could buy enough of it we (artists+) could help LOADS of people and maybe I’d/we’d surprise you by what I/we COULD do if I/we lived somewhere big enough, safe, well-organised, accessible, affordable, where we could invite guests/share, OUR CHOICE, quiet – and a bit comfy? Imagine…

These images both about 20 cms square:



Above = nearly framed

BAD photos!



these have potato print:


The one above is folded to make a card. These 3 on A4 paper.

Ad these 2 are potato print plus collage (tricky jigsaw puzzle!), image similar sizes to the above = fits onto A4 but think nicer if mounted onto eg 40 x 30 cms, SPACE round.

Derr: I’m SUCH a dumbo: forgot to note the websites I got the images from = to thank them. Without others work I’d have had no access to this art, many thanks. A task must do = find & thank the sites/people… (I’m VERY tired).

Oh and I bet others could make even my worst art better/good! I’d be scaredto see what others would/couldo with MY art!

Forgot to say: I TRACED lots coz I can’t COPY well.