2 Aug 2017: Strange fruit 2 (mini version)

Unfixed version

Today’s fixed version – but you can see the line/fix = shoulda left it? It didn’t look right to me so I couldn’t.

Strange fruit 2
July 2017
Collage: acrylics on paper = on canvas 15 x15 (depth 3.5) cms

You can see the join/different levels = easier to fix digital art!

Side of canvas: spiral plant bends over the edge and one ant there. I lost the ant I was going to use (biggest one) so the mid-size ant from front had to go on side and so 2 ants same size on front. Later I found the biggest ant. Fiddly fly-away (especially with fan for 30C heat in here = dripping sweat) silly tiny collages. Why do I do them when SO hard to do? I like the effect/the ART. Derrr.

Showing plant bent over edge of canvas.

I put my name/sig on the side because I think my name/sig are/is intrusive and wrecks the picture (prefer no words).

I put my name on the caterpillar on the big Strange fruit (65 x 50 cms) I did but thought for a little one there should be no words – had tried putting their son’s name (Benjamin they said) on it but again = too much = and I did this for all the children of the world (including adults) who love insects and nature and our wonderful extraordinary ‘earth’.

I did this as a gift for Diane and Jean-Baptiste (local copy shop/printer) but I thought it wasn’t good enough to give them: colours not right nor scale. Sad: I worked very hard on it – thinking of them. They have always been friendly and helpful and I said AGES ago I want to do some arty to give you but it never got finished (sea chat collage), shame on me.

So I thought THIS time it will be done AND good enough, but it wasn’t/isn’t.
Odd: I thought I had stuck the centre point of the spiral OVER the strand the fruit hangs from (from head/fruit) but oh: oddly it’s either behind or been cut off… or else (hmm) I’ve only just noticed = possible: I don’t SEE things nor always understand what I see, nor remember = makes me sad and it makes life difficult.

So today I stuck a piece of paper from same batch but it’s rubbish: you can see the join/line. So I messed up big-time – and I worked SO hard on it for them.

I gave them a card saying sorry it isn’t ready/good enough and thanks/feedback on my catalogues/brochures they printed = LARGER than my A5! I told them the extra white space is GREAT, thanks, but tricky coz no envelopes that fit – must cut/fold A4 ones or deliver by hand (and chat to the people) with NO envelope?!

I had MEGA trouble trying to choose the pix to go in my brochure, I gave up last year (after LOADS of work) = way too hsard. I did it this year (proud) but I knew LOADS of errors in them = there are, even worse than I thought, but had to get rid of it: driving me crazy. But I’m proud I did it = se if I can get in any exhibitions/try sell some of my (often full of errors) arty?!

The couple who run the copy shop are on holiday until 1st September – and I think I should ask them if they want it = would they be too polite to say no even if they hated it? Should I give them a choice of 2? I never know what to do: all too hard and I now worry about everything = so unlike who/how I was before!