10 Aug 2017: update collage 2 Aug Jardin = plant/e

2 Aug 2017: and ANOTHER collage! Jardin…

Untitled = not decided yet
Mixed media (no stone: all paper of different kinds, acrylics and tape/glue) collage on canvas 20 x 20 (depth 1.5) cms
Link to all collages (page not complete) / lien toutes mes colages (page pas fini)

1-2 August 2017 (finished or tomorrow add tiny plant into wall that I forgot to do today? Symbolizes me and all those who hang on in there, those who keep trying and don’t give up (eg to clear my/their name/innocent/wrongly judged) – life in stony ground, tenacity?)

And today I lost one plant I’d cut out ready, saw it earlier today then I tipped the canvas up (covered in bits ready to stick) and it was gone, searched everywhere = can’t find it so made another.

I didn’t want to put my sig on the front so these (which is best?) are ready to cut out and stick on the side.

In progress earlier today (began it yesterday) = driving me crazy but started so I’ll finish… ooh: a UFO in the sky (surprise)?!

I was going (started) to cut out/use pieces from old magazine but oh: I’ve got BOXES full of MY painted bits for collage = should USE them, so did. I dream of having a lovely green/colourful private, lush, relaxing garden instead of the one I must pay for upkeep here that I can’t use. And I see beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers in others’ gardens (and lovely [public parks and by the roads/on roundabouts = thank you!)and I would love to be able to sit at a table and eat looking out at something like that.
In the UK my garden was MINISCULE but it was pretty and had jasmine (plus) already in. I planted passion flowers (passiflora) because MW did once decades ago and I always liked them = like amazing exotic aliens.

Title =undecided = YOUR ideas = what does it say to you?
Walls, barriers, rencontres/encounters, surprise, jardin/garden, murs = tumbling down/to keep people out…? Walls haveears/les murs ont des oreilles – ils écoutent? La parôle… suprises… personages… sculptures… living plants/creatures…

And today I kept saying to myself this is MAD: too tiny, too fiddly, hurts my neck+, crazy coz nobody would LIKE it (except me), I must NEVER again do such a tiny fiddly tricky collage – but I lIKE the effect (is it art?!). So I shouldn’t do things like this but I probably WILL (one day) do another: boxes full of paper scraps to use! But for relief today I did bit more of my fun evening painting (3 on the go at mo) and put mix of sand/glue on it as texture – taster of it to show you = below. Maybe not ART but fun PLAY! And helps me block out unwanted intrusive memories.thoughts/sounds/pain+ = my THERAPY.

Oh AND, most important of all, I did more work on the 80 x 80 cms canvas: All of us/Everyone – SUCH hard work: can’t get comfy to work on it (too big), it’s LOADS of paintings in one = WAY too big/difficult for me and I work too slow/,must stop because hurting too much. Weeks/MONTHS (?) of work in this already and still so MUCH to do. Will it EVER be finished, be acceptable to ME/good enough? I doubt it. Note to self (again!): do NOT do mega big canvases with LOTS of detail – how many TIMES must I say/forget/relearn? But I will forget, and I will want to get the effect, will try again (probably)? Coz I do stupid things I shouldn’t,I ‘suffer’ for my ARTY! Worth it? Dunno. Only if I”m (me) pleased with it at the end – and always strive to do better coz never good enough… but I’ve got a 3-week deadline for this one = STRESS/kick up the arse…

Le jardin derrière le mur?
Rencontres dans le jardin?

(Line between what’s alive and what may be people or sculpture? What is ‘living’?)

Above: today = the sand/glue added.

Below: beach finds – drying in bathroom:

Things I collected on the beach, (toe of my pink slipper for scale) = washed/soaked several times (to try get salt out) now drying = in my opinion it’s already, just like this, ART! Can you see the face? (It’d make a pretty fabric – oh yes: Monday did few ideas for that: toile de de joie/Jouy = mine with loopy scribble of course, unfinished…).

Too many ideas that I want to try using these free natural materials – also got a pile of washed dried beautiful seaweed (Posidonie/Posidonia – I’m told that’s what its name is – the most comfy mattress on any beach and far less annoying than sand!) = like veneer, lovely!