17 Juillet/July 2017 – tableau des arbres fini!

Living woods

Arbres vivants / Living woods
Acryliques sur toile/acrylics on canvas 46 x 55 cms

Oui: fini aujoud’hui = je pense: est-ce-q’il y a une visage trop facile à voir? Too obvious? Should I blend it in more or not? Fed up with this one, I LOVE the colours and textures but I’m finding big detailed paintings of too-complicated things (eg more than two trees – I get lost: which tree am I doing, where does it begin/end? For me they flow into one another – we/they are all connected) way too difficult, exhausting and stressful so mustn’t try to do such mega projects at mo.

Thinking of the Green Man – see my pastel of the Green Man in beautiful wood frame made by Ludovic Bourgeois on main front page here.

Green people, ecology, nature.
Forest spirits.
I love the trees, their shapes/forms, the colours, plants, rocks, smells and sea/nature/bugs here – my spirits soar.

The Green Man est présent dans de nombreuses cultures, il était un des dieux païens/celtiques: le dieu des bois et des forêts. Il représente l’esprit des arbres et de la nature. L’humanité et la nature en harmonie.

So should I tone down/disguise that too-obvious face, or not?!

Trees+ (view) in Hyères (Var, France), sort of/elements re-arranged.
Paysage à/près Hyères – presque: j’ai changé des choses un peu.