Art: Tous, nous, everyone, all of us


STILL unfinished but working hard on it!Title? ‘All of us’ or ‘Everyone’ (Big grey heads, I called it at start but now colour is creeping in, but I don’t want it too bright, had to tone down some too-bright blue). Memories, dreams, nightmares, society, or what? There are no words… (that’s why I paint it). What does it say to you?

Acrylics/acryliques sur toile/on canvas 80 x 80 cms
Sides of canvas also decorated
= when will it be really finished?

16 July/Juillet 2017

I started this painting in March or April 2017 (I think). I watched youtube and saw somebody (who? thank you) explaining how to use alcohol on acrylics so I tried: fascinating, you never know what will appear. The paper/support/canvas all play a part, some paper (Imagine) works better than others).

I spent ages seeing/drawing the faces I could see in it. Then I dropped it: too big, too complicated, lost interest, too difficult. But my son asked me to try to finish it, so I am but it’s 80 x 80 cms: MASSIVE, hard to work on, LOADS to do.

More details/détails:

4 quarters (sort of, date: 15 Juillet 2017 = unfinished):

More details/encore plus des détails:

At start: after I had drawn some heads on = then I left it for months = way too big and too difficult!
This is how it was for AGES: