La maison rouge (La Garonne)

La maison rouge

Juillet / July 2017
Acryliques sur papier /acrylics on paper 50 x 65 cms
[Image size approx. 26 x 50.3 cms with cut-out mask]

15 Juillet / July 2017

View from in the sea facing land, at La Garonne, Le Pradet, Var. Actually it doesn’t look quite like this…

Sadly this beach (as so many here) is not accessible: steep concrete steps and the slope (rampe) at the side is too tricky to pull my trolley up. The toilet in the car park is good but no soap or towels or loo roll. Nowhere to change a baby’s or older child’s+ nappy = when I last went, maybe they’ve changed it?! Free car park but if disabled (like me) and no Blue Badge = you’re stuffed in high summer, unless you’re VERY lucky. But in high summer the beaches are often (unless you’re ‘lucky’!) too crowded, noisy and frantic for people like me. Oh and you have to wear clothes to swim in. The sand gets in your food and in your cracks, everywhere – give me tiny little pebbles every time, rather than sand.

It is named in loving memory of Danton Sawyer (‘Grandab’) who helped and encouraged me with my art when I was 12-13. He was the father of Anne, who together with Gerald took my brother and me into their family when our father died suddenly – our mother had died some years before so we were then orphaned.

Danton Sawyer was an artist, there was a large painting he had done up in the family home we were welcomed into. It was called The red house, I liked it and I still remember parts of it quite clearly (I think).

My guess is that this house is a second home or only for holiday rentals because the shutters are always down. But all except one of my shutters are closed but I’m in here nearly ALL the time so you never know! It’s really difficult for me to open/close the shutters and it hurts plus I need some privacy and no glare, no curtains here and no help to do things like that. Plus when you leave a rented property you have to put it all back to how it was = way too hard. And WHY, what if you IMPROVE it?! But no incentive to with a rented place UNLESS you have a stake/interest in it = and long-term.

Way too many homes here which are empty most of the year because they’re second homes or for renting to holiday-makers. Some are rented out for 9 months to students then to tourists at mega high prices for the summer season. OK for them to keep moving but not for ME: 60 years old, injured and disabled. I (we) need security and a home where I can settle, finally (after 6 years) unpack my boxes and be the best I can be. NO STRESS, PEACE, CALM, security and safety (I keep getting injured more here) = PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

The red house – detail 3

The red house – detail 4

The red house – detail 1

The red house – detail 2

The red house – detail 5