Dots / points / pointilism

Something happened
July / Juillet 2017
Acryliques sur toile / acrylics on canvas 40 x 40 cms
Signed on side / signé sur côté

Link to all canvases (page not complete) / lien toutes mes toiles (page pas fini)

It began as a canvas I had used for experimenting on with artists modelling paste (that I was given = thanks). Then much later (very recently) I found it and added to it by choosing colours to splodge some dots on (one evening when very tired) then finished it by using up paint that was left over on my palette from doing other works – I never waste paint!

Every which way it becomes a different painting. Not signed on front to allow buyer (?!) free choice.

I love scrolling through the 4 different rotations: it’s like an animation of somebody floating or flying (soaring and swooping) in the air, past buildings and windows. I wish I knew how to make animations, I tried once but got too muddled, couldn’t do it.

Rotated 90 clockwise:

Rotated 180 clockwise:

Rotated 270 clockwise:

Edges also painted ‘ peint/points aussi sure les bordres/bordures ? [edges]: