Latest work/2 oeuvres

29 June / Juin 2017

June/Juin 2017
Succulent Spirals 1
Mixed media on paper

June/Juin 2017
The words that I breathe (Through a glass darkly)
Papier & acryliques / paper & acrylic paint.

Unsigned [digital signature here] / signé seulement pour web/numérique ici parce que j’aime aussi [rotated, see below /voyez en bas = 2 oeuvres différent!]

This painting started with a new drawing (lines) of Femme Naturelle but it turned into this! (and landlord rang me and disturbed/annoyed me as I was trying to work = NO peace, my private mobile used, intrusions into my peace and MY life, MY time. He didn’t answer when water pouring in my ceiling. He didn’t do repairs he promised… But I get threatened with bailiffs (mènaces d’expulsion) then 9th May 2017 was going to be thrown out. The laws/contracts are USELESS when we can’t enforce them. WHY doesn’t the STATE (on our behalf) use the law to protect US? Bonkers-barmy empty promises = that KILL, albeit slowly and mostly (unless newsworthy) invisibly and un-noticed. All wrong.