Wordpress/my PC/browser aren’t working properly so I can’t see words I’m typing (invisible) nor pictures I’ve put in! Trying to rely on my memory (rubbish).

But Ferdinand asked me, no he said he’d looked on blog but I hadn’t put his (?) strawberries up = so I told him why.

It’s VERY tricky working like this = imagine being blind and have to rely on person helping or word-reader = bravo to them and eg mouth painters, foot painters.

Ahh: when I highlight all I can just read white text on pink, NO idea how to sort this.

The strawberries are YUMMY. Apparently I’ve tried 2 different sorts but because each time he’s given me one to try I’ve just cleaned my teeth and can’t taste (minty fresh) and when given ONE to taste = no comparison.

First I had ‘Charlotte’ (he said) = very nice & also pretty in these photos. I gave him back the punnet & paper to re-use.

Today I bought ? (‘name’) = Ferdinand said they’re different strain (is that the word? can’t remember)? They were yummy. He said these are ‘more acid’ than the others I don’t know,my memory problems and these tasted v yummy too.

Obviously to do a taste test (comparison) need to try both BLIND and for most of us = blinded to pretty packaging which alters what we taste. I’m easily tricked (often) because I don’t realise il later, much too late e.g. getting pink sorbet told it’s strawberry or something (‘I don’t like lemon’) but then after thinking hmm, was that lemon. Same in UK given horseradish for salad cream = tasty! But couldn’t think/say THEN = often MUCH later I realise = becomes conscious. I HATE how I am.

Serre de/du Plan? At mo I’ve lost his card. Was PROUD I did find original one he gave me when I bought the jasmine (2-3 yrs ago) but now (PLUS chaos of expulsion/MORE things moved & in boxes) can’t find it nor tel. no/ gardener ‘ex-military’ he said. Another ACTOR?!

Ferdinand said these straws are ‘not GM nor treated with pesticides’ but I asked use bugs (natural -ish) then? He said yes. Today he said available til Toussaints (Hallowe-en) = not possible? Not grown in France? Hydroponics = less bugs? What’s the copyright signs for??!! WHAT is going on??!!

Nice straws though, yum. Are they GOOD for me, healthy = or too late for me anyway, too old/wrecked to matter. Taste is all if my guts say OK?

Ferdinand: my jasmine needs repotting, preferably it’d like to be FREE of it’s confining pot and planted in my (utopian dream) forever (til I die = which TERRIFIES me, process of dying)garden. But til then (too late in season now) it needs more space – and better earth (I think). ?

PROUD: it’s VERY hard working like this. YOU try, might give you an inkling into living with a brain injury? Or for me losing my sight = also which terrifies me, in op the damaged my sight, everything is darker than before, obviously quite used to it now but still makes me sad and the brownish-yellowy spots on white are VERY annoying and odd. It’s WAY past time they told me what they did and SHOWED me how sorry they are and all the changes put in place (safety nets) which WILL (far MORE likely, probability) to prevent same happening to anyone else = when ALL safety nets failed, jackpot in reverse: the PITS/HELL.

Here you are Ferdinand (& family): it’s up but I cam’t put info tags at mo = sorry. Maybe now (one fine day) YOUR site will be available to me, not blocked as at mo? When suddenly LOTS of doors open (sesame) for me? Or will I be dead first?