Does anyone know who Martha Moore (American) is/was?

Martha Moore (about 1968)

She and a Mister Whitaker came to my boarding school in Kent (UK) and took me out for lunch – on a Saturday I think). It was VERY weird and I have no idea who they were (nobody told me, purpose, why?) or WHY these strangers were allowed to take me out. WHO knew who they were and WHO OK’d it and why?


It was after my Dad died (1968, I think?), I think quite soon after (but maybe before me & my brother went to live with the family who took us on/looked after us (ish). I don’t think the children of this family were ever asked if the were OK with having 2 older kids suddenly arrive and live with them (whom they had only met a very few times in their lives). I dropped fostering because at that time my son was against it (early puberty?), and actually I was quite relieved because the woman from the council wasn’t warm or friendly and I didn’t like her at all = why was she put in charge of training/assessing families?


Martha Moore & Mr Whitaker (both [I think] she anyway was american) was she his wife or secretary/mistress or what?? Odd she gave her first name and he didn’t, she gave me her photo after we’d eaten lunch and they were taking me back to school, she was nice, but it all felt weird.


They asked me where we could go for lunch and I only knew one restaurant, I can still sort of see it (black oak beams) but have forgotten the name – the most known there, I think, at that time). Were they considering adopting me, paying for my school fees, me used as marketing for the school, grooming me for paedophilia, just nosey [rich] tourists, or WHAT? Very very odd, a mystery. Does anybody know, any records at school or anywhere, WHICH Martha Moore was in the UK at that time (actually with a Mr Whitaker), or way too late now to ever know?