New extra bike injury BACK of leg



Yes, yesterday. I wear shin guards because teeth on pedals keep touching my legs (through trousers) and break my now very fragile skin. A first: pedal touched BACK of leg (not protected with shin-guards) so now injury there too. So no, Momo won’t be repairing my bike: no point, I STILL need a bike that doesn’t injure me, can’t wear shinguards behind legs too. So STILL ‘not allowed’ a bike that’s suitable for me? Why? WHO decides, why, how etc.? Repeat… repeat… repeat. More & more injuries almost daily but everyone decides it’s OK, doesn’t matter, not THEIR body. ‘She likes riding a bike, needs to coz walking hurts so we’ll make even THAT impossible for her to sort out’. Funny? Satire? Nope.


So, yet again, MORE time/energy wasted trying to scrub blood out of my trousers. And painful behind leg. Thanks y’all.