Hope? L’espérance?

Chanson d'espérance des voyageurs

Chanson d’espérance des voyageurs

Posted 8 Janvier 2017

Run out of hope: more injured/disabled than I was last year, MORE pain. Nearly set my slipper alight today: it was in front of fan-heater as I worked, I didn’t realise. Luckily the heater cut off itself because it was over-heated. I have burned myself on the plug of heater when I unplug it to move it to where I must go next – in the flat where I live = because no installed heating. I trip on the wires and heater because I forget it’s there and don’t see it. I’m too scared to leave it running if I can’t see it (fire risk) so REALLY scary to heat bedroom (take chill off) before I go to bed, when DESPERATELY cold (today 5.5C in loo, brr) I do take the risk but I can’t relax coz it’s too scary and NOT a risk I want (or can) take. Hobson’s choice = not a choice. Poor people are killed (murdered) far more often than rich people by bad/unsafe housing. The rich PREVENT accidents, the poor (we) are supposed to INSURE for AFTER THE EVENT = not the same at all, of course – and most things CANNOT be replaced same as my extra injuries caused by living here and NO HELP and NO prevention = I must live with these and the extra pain until I die. ALL those who chose NOT to prevent me from becoming MORE injured and MORE disabled are liable. Of course the docs+ who injured me in the first place (Nov. 2005) are liable – but they aren’t. their INSURERS are and guess what happens when you try to make a claim against THEM? Yup: they’re too powerful, they do all they can NOT to pay out for those who are NOT their beloved ‘insured’. But same thing happens when we ARE the ‘insured’ = we have to fight for any sort of compensation and then it’s only money which doesn’t AT ALL remedy the losses of every kind. They are frauds, swindlers, they lie to us to get our money, they pay their shareholders lots, not us. We need BEFORE THE EVENT PREVENTION = same as the rich have(it isn’t MONEY we want!), equality, that’s all.


Voyagers’ song of hope

31 Decembre 2016

Biro/stylo & crayons sur papier/on paper 65 x 50 cms

Which star/s to follow?
Which dreams?
Which way will the currents take us?


A safe harbour?

Room at the inn?

A welcome at the frontier?

Land of hope and glory?

Promised land?


Crown property?

Private sea-shore?

Off-limits to us?

Not got the right papers or rubber stamp?

Wrong nationality?