Garden+ tales


22 January 2016

Some time ago (not sure when) I cut more of the plants that grow where I get the car in and out so I could take that and what I’d cut ages ago to the dump all together. I cropped it as short as possible = putting off as long as possible before have to do it all again – it hurts my neck and back LOADS to do but I love being out there+. I felt pleased with myself, did it in 2 stints but then saw the poor beetles (put my artwork about them here? They are stunning, SO beautiful and interesting= another magic thing that suddenly magically appeared in my garden + wasps nest*, mega-big cricket…): had I destroyed their habitat, their home? These huddles isn’t how they normally are, usually they wander around nonchalantly. Now they looked stressed out. Oh what had I done? Reckless disregard for them and their needs? I felt SO very guilty. Next time I think I should leave some edges taller = just trim them as I do my hair. Balance their needs with mine. Please forgive me if you can lovely beetles.


*wasps nest that inspired my Cells of Society pix I think. Thanks.


Huddling on walls where they don’t usually go.



Trying to protect/defend themselves from the nasty giant home-smasher?

But maybe I have learned from my mistake?